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FYI (and many song upload

2014-11-30 03:53:22 by FlamingFedora

If you have been wondering why I haven't been uploading much lately (as if anyone does), it is because I haven't been able to access newgrounds for quite some time.  However, I will do my best to occasionally update my audio/news, for anyone who cares.  In the meantime, check out these songs:

a jazzy piano one:

a glitchy dubstep one:

a rap one:

a short one:

and the last one (If you can only listen to one, make it this) :


Additionally, I would like to thank my 10 (ten) fans.  Yes, I now have double digit fans.  I am sure I am a few days away from internet fame and all it entails.  Thank you to all of you, for being my fans.  I would also like to thank my listeners, and the academy.

In all seriousness, I have enjoyed the attention my little songs have gotten in this corner of the internet, and I hope to continue posting for as long as I make music.

Good night.


2014-07-22 13:50:04 by FlamingFedora

So the other day I relised my most popular song was a short 8bit loop that I spent a day working on.

This led to a long serious look at my artistic work.

Now I have another 8bit loop.


How is it?


two new songs!

2014-05-08 08:07:26 by FlamingFedora

I told the truth


often go awry.

Here is another new song:


It is rather distorted

I tried useing a new plugin I found with this, Fracture.  It reproduces buffering errors.  I think it sounds nice.  It appears in the song around the 2:30 mark.  Opinions?


what is in the box

2014-04-27 16:32:06 by FlamingFedora

it is a new song

listen please


do people like the glitchy sampled stuff?

or am I alone


I made a new song yesterday, here it is now :

I hope you like it if you listen to it.

Merry Christmas Newgrounds!

Heres a song

It is my third remix of carol of the bells

I hope you like it


2013-10-02 16:41:39 by FlamingFedora

After a summer of no uploads, I have finally gotten around to making a new song. Go listen to it please. Thank you.


2013-02-28 17:41:15 by FlamingFedora

I made a song that sounds like bacon
while listening to it look at this tasty bacon


For my actual first song of the year I made a submission for the dreams of splendor competition: Wave

A combination of classical instruments and dubstep: Classtep?

I also tried to master the track better than I have in the past. How did I do?